The Need

Schools in the Glenwood area are performing significantly below the rest of Guilford County Schools and the NC state average. Of the Glenwood students enrolled in the Glenwood Tutoring Program:

  • 0% passed the 5th grade EOG in science.
  • 25% passed the EOG in language arts.
  • 50% passed the EOG in math.
  • 75% are at least one or more grade levels behind in reading.
  • 83% of all the Glenwood Tutoring students failed at least one EOG.

Local Statistics

Having worked with the neighborhood youth for ten years, we are very familiar with the impact of generational poverty. Here are some of the ways  poverty affects the children of Glenwood:

  • 95% live on public assistance and qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  • 92% live in single–parent homes.
  • 95% know someone currently incarcerated.
  • 90% have heard gunshots on their streets.
  • 85% have never been to Friendly Shopping Center or visited UNCG which is across Lee Street from the neighborhood.
  • For many, no one in their family graduated from high school.
  • Unless we gave it to them, most of the students do not own a book.
  • In the past year, 6 of our students have been taken into the foster care system.
  • The majority of the children in our programs are in the second to third generation of poverty.
  • They know no other way of life.

Other Risk Factors

Besides their living environments, our students are also at high risk to engage in life–altering behaviors as they enter the middle and high school years.

Teen pregnancy

  • North Carolina ranks ninth in the country for teen pregnancies; 29% of those teens have been pregnant before. In Guilford County, 70% of all teen pregnancies are African American girls.
  • Only 40% of mothers who have a child before they turn 18 will receive a high school diploma.


  • Greensboro is ranked 3rd in the state for gang activity.
  • The number one reason kids join gangs is for a sense of belonging. They want to feel like they matter.


  • 60% of middle school students in the Guilford County School System reported they had been in a physical fight.


  • 70% of the NC prison population reads below a 4th grade level.
  • 85% of current US juvenile inmates read below a 4th grade level.
  • Future prison population projections are partially based on the failure rate of 3rd grade testing.