Achievement Goals

Hope Academy is committed to a diligent focus on outcomes and a serious goal setting process. The ultimate outcome that we expect to achieve is that all our students will perform at or above grade level by the 8th grade. It is further expected that our students will be prepared and will enter honors and advanced placement level classes in high school, graduate high school, and go to college. Our goal will be to raise the level of performance two years for each year of school until our students are at or above grade level.Hope Academy teachers employ a variety of methods to assess student progress. Standardized/quantitative
assessments are used along with qualitative measures such as student portfolios. Quantitative assessments

    • Regular progress monitoring through a leveled reading assessment – (Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)
    • An annual comprehensive achievement test – (TerraNova [updated California Achievement] & NC EOGs)
    • Students will read on grade level or above by 8th grade. Students who enter the school reading below grade level will advance two grade levels per year until they reach grade level.